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  • What asthma actually is
  • Why it is difficult to cure in the traditional medical science
  • How the right combination of 3 time-tested alternative therapies can heal asthma holistically, without interfering with your doctor's treatment
  • How the course creator, Ashish Lal, has healed his severe and chronic asthma, and helped thousands of asthmatics over the last 16 years to go beyond this painful disease in a holistic manner

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Get the Full Video Course for a LIFETIME at $198 USD or ₹15,930 INR
Get the Full Video Course for 1 YEAR at only $27 USD (for customers OUTSIDE INDIA)
Get the Full Video Course for 1 YEAR at only ₹1947 INR (for customers IN INDIA)

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Benefits of the Full Video Course:

Foundational Benefits

Get in-depth knowledge and actionable steps to heal your asthma holistically using 3 time-tested alternative therapies:

  1. Yoga
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Nutritional Therapy

Daily Breathing Exercises

Get 30 min Guided Pranayamas or guided breathing exercises curated by leveraging 16 years of experience in helping thousands of asthmatics; hit play & do it daily to get amazing results

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"Thanks, Ashish ji. Though I myself am a practicing  doctor, but I think allopathy medicines should be for temporary relief. Thanks not only for sharing your methods but also for motivating people like me. Most needed and relevant video for me and anybody suffering from asthma."

Dr. Garima

I am a working professional in pharmaceutical research but what you illustrated, always worked best for me instead of medicines since long. Great video 👍.

Shiraz K.S.

Hi Ashish. I was also suffering from seasonal asthma and was taking an oral medicine from last 4 months regularly and 1 puff a day of an inhaler, but after watching you, I started following the methods and now its been 2 weeks since I haven't taken any medication..!!! Very thanks to you brother..!! 👍🏻🙏🏼

Nilesh Garg

"I am 27 year old and I have had asthma since childhood. I’ve followed all your suggestions. I also do your suggested Pranayamas regularly. And for the last 6 months, I did not have any need to take my inhalers which I was forced to take before regularly. Thank you Sir."

K.B. Singh

"I can't thank you enough for this bro. Your video has proved to be a huge blessing for me. I have been on daily inhalers for almost 9 years. I could relate to everything you said in your video - how the quality of life gets affected by asthma. Here's my experience of the pranayams you suggested. I logged everything so I have specific dates. I started doing these pranayams on 13 Nov 2021 but continued to take inhalers. On 11 Feb 2022 I didn't feel the need to take inhaler after waking up so I stopped taking it and decided to use them only when in need. Thereafter I have felt the need to take them only thrice - 22 Mar 2022, 24 Mar 2022 and 10 Apr 2022. So it's been over 3 months I'm completely off inhalers. Not only that, now I don't feel out of breath while doing HIIT workouts and my sinusitis is also seem to be cured which used to affect my worklife so much. I plan to continue these pranayams throughout my life. Again a lots and lots of blessings to you. May God fulfill all your wishes. Thank you for creating this video."

Mandeep Gill

Get the Full Video Course for a LIFETIME at $198 USD or ₹15,930 INR
Get the Full Video Course for 1 YEAR at only $27 USD (for customers OUTSIDE INDIA)
Get the Full Video Course for 1 YEAR at only ₹1947 INR (for customers IN INDIA)