Full Course - Attain Holistic Mental Health

Units & Chapters: 6 Units divided into 35 Chapters 

Free Video (below): Guided Meditation for a holistic mental health


6 Units in the full video course:

  1. Understanding Holistic Mental Health
  2. Physiological Methods
  3. Psychological Methods
  4. Spiritual Methods
  5. Guided Pranayamas and Meditation to Practise Regularly
  6. A New Life

 *Detailed information about the Units & Chapters of the course below*

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Benefits of the Full Video Course -
"Attain Holistic Mental Health"

3 Holistic Methods

  1. Physical - Understand the benefits of the right exercise, healthy diet, and right sleep to support overall mental well-being
  2. Mental - Develop a healthy coping mechanism via a holistic understanding of human psychology
  3. Spiritual - Cultivate mindfulness through meditation and understand deeper aspects of life instead of always being a slave of your mind and its thoughts

Guided Pranayamas and Meditation

  • Several guided Pranayamas (breathing exercises part of Yoga) for holistic mental health
  • Several guided Meditations that work at the source of most mental health issues
  • Play relevant videos daily as per your requirements and practice the guided Pranayamas & Meditations that will not just heal you holistically, but also grow your nuanced, subtle and deeper wisdom to cope with any kind of mental health issues in life

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Get the Full Video Course (pay in $ USD via PayPal)
Get the Full Video Course (pay in ₹ INR via Stripe)