First aid technique for asthma attack

healing asthma Jul 15, 2023
First aid technique for asthma attack
  1. Stay calm and reassure the person Anxiety and stress can worsen asthma symptoms, so it's important to remain calm and help the person stay calm as well.
  2. Help the person sit upright - Sitting upright can help the person breathe more easily and reduce the strain on their airways.
  3. Assist them in using their inhaler - If the person has a prescribed reliever inhaler, assist them in using it. Typically, the inhaler is a small handheld device that delivers medication directly to the airways. Instruct the person to take slow, deep breaths and follow the dosage instructions on the inhaler. 
  4. Call for emergency medical help if symptoms worsen - If the person's symptoms worsen, they have trouble speaking, their lips turn blue, or their inhaler doesn't provide relief, it may indicate a severe asthma attack. In such cases, call for emergency medical assistance immediately.
  5. Stay with the person, offering support and monitoring their condition closely - Stay with the individual until medical help arrives or their symptoms subside. Reassure them and monitor their condition closely.

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