How to be fit for a lifetime?

lifelong scientific fitness May 29, 2023

Hello and welcome fitness enthusiasts to “Lifelong Scientific Fitness by Ashish Lal”, which is the Encyclopedia of Nutrition, Gym Training, Freehand Exercises & Yoga. I have almost 2 decades of practical experience and a scientific understanding of the science of nutrition, gym training, freehand exercises, and Yoga.

I’ll teach you the science of wholesome nutrition through natural and healthy food. I’ll cover all the weight training exercises you can do in a gym with external weights – free weights or machine weights. I’ll also cover all the freehand exercises that you can do at home with your body weight.

I’ll cover selected Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas that are enough to keep you physically fit. This covers hundreds of exercises and detailed explanations. In the end, I’ll explain, in detail, the scientific methods to make your own diet plan and exercise regime all your life, and update them as per your needs. 

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