Positive impact of laughing yoga for asthma

healing asthma Aug 23, 2023
Positive impact of laughing yoga for asthma
  1. Laughing Yoga may lower stress hormones, potentially aiding asthma management by reducing triggers : Laughing Yoga helps us laugh intentionally, and this can lower stress hormones. When we're less stressed, our asthma might not act up as much because stress can make it worse.
  2. Engaging in laughter exercises improves breathing, benefiting lung function and control over asthma symptoms : In Laughing Yoga, we do breathing exercises while laughing. These exercises can make our lungs work better, which means we can breathe more easily and control our asthma better.
  3. Deep laughter-induced breathing can enhance lung capacity, supporting overall respiratory health : Laughing Yoga makes us take deep breaths that make our lungs stronger. This helps our lungs stay healthy, making it easier to handle asthma and maybe having fewer asthma attacks.
  4. Laughter promotes positivity, aiding asthma symptom coping and self-management : When we laugh, our bodies release happy chemicals. This can make us feel better and handle asthma symptoms better too. Staying positive can help us manage asthma well.
  5. Group Laughing Yoga fosters community, addressing isolation common among asthma patients : Laughing Yoga is often done in groups. This helps people with asthma meet others like them. Feeling part of a group can help with loneliness and let them share their experiences about dealing with asthma.

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