The Real Faces of Asthma- Real Patients and Their Stories

Dec 01, 2022

Globally thousands of people suffer from Asthma every day. Around 26 million Americans and 250 million+ of the global population struggle with Asthma. When so many people live with something for most of their lives, it’s crucial to talk about it. That’s why at RedAsh TV, we aren’t just devoted to getting our alternative healing therapies for Asthma in every home, we are dedicated to bringing people together and creating a platform where they can share their stories and experiences with Asthma. 

“I thought I was a feeble kid who can’t achieve anything as I had Asthma”

Imagine wheezing like a 60-year-old man when you are 16. During the winter I used to succumb to my Asthma flares every now and then. I was bullied in school and hospitalized for Asthma all the time. Some kids from my senior year made fun of me and just to prove I wasn’t weak I started smoking. 

Spare inhalers were like my compact life support tucked in my bag, but to prove that I wasn’t weak I skipped on my inhalers. The results? I almost fought a battle with death during one attack and my condition started worsening with time. It wasn’t until graduation day that I started searching for alternative Asthma treatment because I had an attack on stage and that memory still haunts me. 

After I moved to my dorm, I started taking interest in Yoga and Ayurveda. With a bit of professional help and some super helpful Yoga, Ayurveda, and Nutritional Therapy courses for Asthma, now I enjoy the physical activities as any other person out there. Instead of thinking Asthma is incurable, I have conquered my condition when I am in my late 30s. 

Having control over your symptoms is important instead of thinking you are weak because you are a fighter and you can do it! 

“I had outgrown my Asthma, only to discover that I hadn’t”

I loved cats, but I couldn’t have any. While every child on my block made snow angels on Christmas day, I was forced to stay inside. I never ran a marathon or a 200m race. Yes, I had asthma. My childhood consisted of frequent emergency room visits and bouts of coughing, chest tightness, and breathlessness, but as I grew up I thought my asthma was controlled. I had a major misconception about Asthma that once it’s over, it’s over. However, my misconception was cleared when I was in my 20s. I had a severe asthma attack triggered probably by anxiety and pet dander. I was rushed to the emergency room and my parents were scared to death. 

That incident was an eye-opener. I started to take my Asthma seriously again. A friend of mine suggested Nutritional Therapies and Yoga’s Pranayamas to heal asthma from the grassroots level and fortunately, that worked for me. It’s been 10 years since that incident and I didn’t have a single attack. What do I do differently? I practice the art of holistic health and I am never going back to my old ways because I feel this makes my physical and psychological state better on so many different levels. 

“I constantly lived in the fear that I might die anytime”

Do you know what it’s like to support a family of five members and struggle with Asthma? It’s terrifying. You don’t just live with the fear of dying; you live with the fear of what happens to your loved ones when you die. I had severe Asthma. One day I felt a stabbing pain in my chest like it was some heart attack and I couldn’t get enough oxygen in my body. 

I struggled for every breath and my colleagues rushed towards me as I kneeled on the ground with palms on my chest. Everything blacked out after that and when I opened my eyes blearily, I was staring at the blank white ceiling and a massive oxygen tube leading up to the oxygen mask I was wearing. Suddenly a warning bell rang in my mind that no I cannot give up like this. 

They say Asthma never leaves you; I say it did because I prioritized my health over anything and treated Asthma like the life-threatening disease it was. 


Even when you think you are way past your Asthmatic stages, watch out for the red flags of Asthma. Environmental factors can also trigger attacks in some people. Ranging from allergic asthma to exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and occupational asthma, the deadly disease has many faces, and the only way to rise above it is to control it from the very initial days. 

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