What is holistic fitness? - Q&A with Ashish Lal

lifelong scientific fitness Jun 26, 2023
What is holistic fitness?  - Q&A with Ashish Lal

Question by Sam: What is holistic fitness?

Answer by Ashish Lal: To understand what is holistic fitness, we need to understand what is the opposite of holistic fitness. So, the opposite of holistic is tunnel vision. So, having a tunnel vision approach means only seeing one thing, and not seeing the entire thing. So, it’s like saying that “I smoke and only my lungs will get damaged”, which is not true. Anything can get damaged, many things can happen because of smoking. So, that’s the tunnel vision approach, smoke goes into the lungs and therefore that is only body part that is going to be affected. Holistic fitness means you see the entire body as a whole and your mind also affects your body. So, you see everything as a whole and you work on holistic fitness. On every single part of your body, on your mind and holistically you try to be fit.

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