What Makes Asthma Symptoms Worse During Summer?

healing asthma Apr 06, 2023

Summertime is officially here. This can mean outdoor sports, backyard barbeques, and family vacations.

However, for many people, summer also means more symptoms of asthma. 

What makes asthma symptoms worse during summer? 

  • People with asthma can have more sensitive airways which means any kind of pollutants, or any kind of drastic change in temperature — either on the high side or the low side — creates a reaction.
  • Environmental triggers play a big role: In the summertime, the temperature rises and there are more pollutants and fume particles in the air. 
  • Often pollen counts are higher in the summer, which for some people can lead to worse asthma and allergy symptoms. 
  • Further, higher humidity and heat can by themselves make it hard to  breathe. The sun interacts with industrial and vehicle emissions to make ground-level ozone in the summer months that can worsen asthma.