Full Video Course - Lifelong Scientific Fitness (Lifetime)

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About The Course:

Ashish Lal has over 22 years of experience in the holistic and scientific fitness domain. Doing Yoga regularly (since 2000), Gym Weight Training and Freehand Exercises (since 2009) and making scientific and holistic diet plans for fitness (since 2009), he has enough knowledge and experience to help people be fit their entire life. Even after about 2 decades of experience, he took 3.5 years to research, write, shoot and create this life transforming video course “Lifelong Scientific Fitness”.

What you'll get:

  • Everything you need to know about the science of nutrition
  • How to make scientific and healthy meal plans
  • Gym Training (130+ exercises)
  • Freehand Exercises (55+ exercises)
  • Yoga (20+ exercises)
  • How to create your own training regimens as per your fitness goals

It has several other scientific aspects on fitness covered as well. To know more, just have a look at the 19 chapters in the course. 

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